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First step on the journey

First let me thank you for joining me on my journey to move to another country and teach overseas!

There are many steps to making a move this big, the first of which is doing research, lot’s and lot’s of research. I have outlined the steps I will be taking and I will be posting about each part of my research as my journey moves forward.

Maybe you are thinking about making a similar journey, hopefully my research will help you along.

So please follow along my journey.

Part One: Before you leave

1. Having a dream!
2. Preparing friends and family to understand and accept your decision.
3. finding an accredited and recognized TEFL / TESOL certification course.
4. Best country to teach ESL. (part 1)
5. Best country to teach ESL. (part 2)
6. A solid budget.
7. A savings plan.
8. Making connections.
9. A plan to move to a foreign country. (part 1)
10. A plan to move to a foreign country. (part 2)
11. Finalizing the plan.
12. Executing the Plan.
13. Saying goodbye!

Part Two: After you land

To be added in a later post.